XC Ecstasy

With a super light carbon frame that allows it to be simultaneously stiff and smooth on the trail, the SLM is at the pinnacle of hardtail XC mountain bikes. With a long, low and aggressive geometry, the SLM is ready to play on World Cup tracks or at your local XC series.

Super Lightweight Carbon Frame

Our high-modulous carbon material that provides an impressive strength to weight ratio that is suitable to a high performance bicycle frame.  

  • Oversized Frame Tubes

    Oversized frame tubes and hyper-short chainstays create a lightweight, stiff and fast frame.
  • 29" Wheels

    29" wheels roll over obstacles and maintain speed over rough terrain better than smaller wheels.
  • Thru-Axle

    Thru-axles slide through a closed dropout increasing wheel security and the overall lateral stiffness of a frame creating a bike that has precise steering and optimal control.

SLM 29 2.1


SLM 29 2.5


SLM 29 2.7